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PROFOUND 9-11 Evidence Posters Featuring the Extraordinary Work and Evidence of Dr. Judy Wood as Published in her Groundbreaking Masterpiece – Where Did The Towers Go?

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Missing Rubble Profound Poster

If you are seeking a powerful, at-a-glance blast of mind-blowing, visual, irrefutable evidence


Dustification Profound Poster

If you are looking for wall art that’ll drop jaws, open eyes, spark epic conversations, and impart instant clarity regarding 9-11 to all those who see it

Seek No More…


Hurricane Erin Profound Poster

We all know the Official 9-11 Fairy Tale can be proven false by any smart 5 year old. But can we rule out all the conventional, “accepted” alternative explanations in one fell swoop as well?

Yes, we can…
And these posters do just that.


Epic Reviews Profound Poster

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Hi-res Sample of Missing Rubble – Details Galore


Largest size of Dustification (showing original version of poster – current poster has been updated)

These magnificent visual aids were created by the makers of IRREFUTABLE – Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World. Watch the series.

The posters are a supplemental learning and promoWhere Did the Towers Go Dr Judy Wood Book Covertion tool. For the full mind-expanding, eye-opening, experience of Dr. Judy Wood’s investigative work, her book Where Did the Towers Go? is a MUST READ. No amount of supplementary graphics or documentary videos presenting Dr. Wood’s evidence will ever replace the invaluable experience of reading Where Did The Towers Go?



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Hurricane Erin: Controlled Environment

Hurricane Erin V2013.10.15Click for Full Size

Poster Description

– Educational poster based on Chapter 18 of “Where Did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood.
– Statements are empirical and verifiable through links provided below.
– Free to download, print and use as you wish.  Please credit sources.


Keeping a hurricane a secret is a sizeable swindle in and of itself, but to be able to keep the public from knowing about a category 3, just miles outside New York City, is nothing less than Orwellian. Even more unthinkable, is the fact that Hurricane Erin’s movements are highly correlated to the single most historic day of our time… 9/11.

(See poster for details)

Is it possible that all of this occurred naturally as a coincidence?
Yes. It’s also possible that our sun will go supernova tomorrow.
Is it reasonably probable?
No. It is so ridiculously unlikely that we can say with all but absolute certainly that Hurricane Erin’s alignment with the World Trade Center destruction was not a natural coincidence.

Aristotle - Probable impossibilities preferred to improbable possibilities

When taken into a larger perspective, hurricane control becomes a much more plausible and reasonable reality.

It is no conspiracy theory that breakthrough technologies often come out of classified military research.  Unfortunately, we must come to grips with the conflicting interests of releasing technology for the good of humanity vs keeping technology a classified in order to maintain military dominance. Hurricane Erin is a critical data point for understanding what classified technology is capable of today. It is safe to assume that since at least 2001, the option to control hurricanes has been available.  It is also safe to assume that the same class of technology can control less complex weather systems and events such as flooding and droughts. The implications are dramatic and far reaching.

Hurricane Erin is the most straight-forward, easily verifiable, smoking gun demonstration of advanced weather manipulation technology available. Did you know there was a hurricane on 9/11?


Hurricane Erin Official Reporting


Weather Reports for 2001-09-11

JFK International Airport:
Newark International Airport:
LaGaurdia International Airport:

Compilation of TV weather reports from the morning of 9/11:

Compare other Hurricane Tracks

NOAA National Hurricane Center – Map of 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season…
NOAA National Hurricane Center – 1995 – 2010 Tracking Charts

Convection And Moisture Experiment (CAMEX-4)

Article “A Heated 3-D Look Into Erin’s Eye”
Article “Dropping in on a Hurricane”

Other Sources

Wikipedia – Hurricane Erin (2001)

FOX News “If only a hurricane had come on 9/11”

Video – Geraldo Rivera on FOX (skip to 00:50)

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